Here you will find links to some useful web sites. If you know of a site that may be of use please let us know on the message board and we'll stick it up.

Tide Times - Port Of London Authority

Recording Your Finds

Portable Antiquities Scheme or PAS. Search database and finds recording -

UK Detector Finds Database. Search database and finds recording - UKDFD

Identifying  Finds

Specialist sites

Coins - Coins Of The Uk

Chinese Coins -

Lead Tokens - Leaden Tokens Telegraph

Traders Tokens - View online versions of the Williamson Part I and Part II 1889 and Jacob Henry Burns 1855 catalogues. These books are still used for conclusive identification for a large number of 17thC traders tokens

General Browsing

English Weights and measures - English Weights and measures 

British Historical Medals 1760-1960 - British Historical Medals 1760-1960

Livery Buttons - livery buttons identified

Bag/cloth Seals -

Clay Pipes - Dawnmist

Coin Weights - Colchester treasure hunting/coin weights

Finds Database - Colchester Treasure Hunting

U.S Buttons, Buckles and Relics -

British silver thimbles - ukdfd.thimbles

Buckles 1250-1800 - An online version of Ross Whitehead's book

Straightening hammered coins - Straightening a bent hammered coin

Mr Pepys' small change -

The home of Thames Archaeology -  Thames Discovery Programme