Wapping 02/02/14

Last Sunday's Wapping trip. The gang met at The Town of Ramsgate at 8am and embarked on a shorter than normal walk along Wapping to The prospect of Whitby. It was a clean tide, very low and nice weather, a bit leafy in places due to the storms. The great conditions produced some lovely finds, despite almost losing Chrissie in the Mud. 

Si came up trumps finding a stunning 18th Century, hand engraved Dutch Tobacco box, which was kindly ID'd by William at the end of the trip. Si also had a Duke of Clarence and Avondale commemorative death medal (Prince Albert Victor) who was the grandson of Queen Victoria.  Interestingly, due to his mental health issues, he was suspected to be the serial killer known as Jack the Ripper, but this has since been widely dismissed. He died suddenly aged 28 from Pneumonia in 1892, the nation was shocked, hence the remembrance medal. Si also had an 18th C 'rat tail' pewter spoon head which completed an embarrassment of riches for him. 

Other great finds included Tony's lovely William and Mary Tinny, Matt's complete R White Bottle, Tom's very nice George III half penny, and William's lovely Ink bottle (no pic tho). The gang also had the usual pipe bowls, musket balls, lead seals, buttons and coins to complete a great day.