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WAIN'S HEATHER - From Andrew Wain's Brickworks, Mill Lane, Heather, Ashby de la Zouch, North West Leicestershire.  

H WARRINGTON & SON STOKE ON TRENT - The works at Berry Hill, Fenton, first appeared in 1889-90 and is last listed in 1912 as Henry Warrington & Son. Henry Warrington, 1838-1907, was born at Cheadle in Staffordshire. In 1851 after leaving school he went to work for William Bowers at the Berry Hill colliery and succeeded Bowers in operating the business and associated brickworks on his death in 1880. There was also an iron works at Berry Hill, but the forges closed circa 1900. Warrington employed 1000 men, farmed 400 acres and lived at Fenton Manor House. He shot himself on the 2nd March 1907. Henry Warrington & Son appears to have been the name of the business from c1896.


WEALDEN - Made in the Horsham area and now part of Redland Bricks.


WHITWICK COLY LIMITED BRICKWORKS COALVILLE - The Brickworks Company was based on the site of the Whitwick coal mine. The Colliery was opened in 1824 starting a massive expansion of this industry across North West Leicestershire. One of the most famous mining disasters happened here on 19th August 1898 in Whitwick No 5 Pit, which resulted in the deaths of thirty five men. Some of the bodies were never recovered and remain entombed. There is little information relating to the brickworks themselves however the coal mine was in operation from 1826 until 1986. I wonder if there was any relation to these bricks coming to London along with the coal that would have probably been imported in to the capital.


WILLIAMS & CO - Robert Williams established a firebrick works on Ashton New Road in the Bradford area of east Manchester in 1850. In addition to firebricks, the firm also produced chimney tops, sanitary tubes and drain pipes. The works comprised two circular kilns, ancillary buildings for preparing the clay and moulding the bricks, and a shaft via which fireclay was extracted from the coal seams beneath the site. The business was taken over in the late 1870s by Edward Williams, who also operated the nearby Bradford Colliery Brickworks. The works closed in 1905, when the underground fireclay workings were abandoned. The kilns were demolished in 1920.

This example has a letter A before Williams, however I can only find a reference to an E (for Edward) Williams brick.