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Here's a great little find that John GM has just ID'd. This was one of Stephanie's finds from a few months back and turns out to be a cockade (large feather decoration holder) from a military 'stovepipe' hat. This example dates from around the time of the Battle of Waterloo

Here's another great find from Stephanie. 

A fantastic example of a Tudor clothes fastner

Another great find from John Gm.

This is a decorative plate from a pistol or musket and dates from around the 17th Century. Notice the ominous faces above and below the oval recess.

Update from the Curator of Firearms - Leeds Royal Armouries...

"The proportions and general form are correct for an escutcheon plate from a large pistol or longarm of c 1680 - 1750. I would place it on a relatively inexpensive civilian piece, though it is difficult to be sure. I'm not sure we have one quite like it, but I'm pretty happy with the ID as a firearm component. The relatively basic decoration and find spot could point to a trade gun".

More fantastic finds from Dactyl. Check out the Sceat and the gold pin.

Great pipe bowl too.