Westminster 28/01/12

Rock, Steffano, John and Steff GM, Stolli the Mudhound and a few cameos in the background venture up west for some mud slinging.

 Undoubtedly the find of the day was the safe that Steffano found. Admittedly he didn't know he'd found it at the time as he had used it to have a sit down at some point that morning.

 Out of all of us that must have walked past the huge bag sitting in the middle of the foreshore it was John Gm who decided to take a peek and discover what lay inside.


All in all I think we found £2.00 in coins and a knackered ten pound note. Well worth the hour or so of amusement whilst John and Steffano tried everything they could to bust it open.

After a lot of shaking, swilling and emptying John hit the mother load of.... £12.00