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January 2012 Part I

Alex aka coin collector has sent us some shots of his latest Mudlarking finds. Some great items including an interesting traders token.

Simon's Shooter

Check out this beast. It's got notches down the side. What do you reckon...number of kills or bank jobs? Answers on a post card please to Wapping Police Station.

  Regis has just found a new spot and by the looks of things he's had it all up including the kitchen sink!! Looks like you did pretty well Ripper. Well done mate...

Regis...Does my bomb look big in this??!!

Regis has been a busy boy. In between his lecture tours and television appearances he's only gone and found a WWII mortar grenade. He was out with his mate Colin, that's Colin in the first pic, and stumbled on the wartime relic. Regis and Colin followed correct procedure here and posed for pictures with the grenade before contacting the Police. Great shots by the way Colin.