September 2012 Part I

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Every now and then an item comes up that is so unique,personal and packed full of clues that it just sets your mind wondering of all the stories that the item could tell. if only it could.

Below is a coin that Si found recently and this what he has has to say....

' Victorian French Silver Franc, which a member of the Royal Flying Corps (WW1), has converted into his own dog tag. It has the RFC logo (the predecessor to the RAF), then 'N Posener', his regiment no. '19385', then 'Jew' at the bottom. I found out that it belonged to Nathan Posener, a tailor living in WhiteChapel in Commercial Road. He was 18 in the 1911 census, which made him 21 when the war started. I'm yet to find out his fate, or if he has any family descendants, but I plan to in time '.

Cracking find Si and keep us posted if find out any more about N Posner.

Amongst Si's other finds is a rather strange item that I can't even begin to hypothesize on.

ICI on the bottom on a bullet? Ideas on a postcard please...