About us

If I had a penny for every time I heard somebody shout "found anything yet mate?" id be a rich man.

The image of old men walking around a field with their anoraks on are long gone due to the many history/digging/archaeology programs on the tv today.

The past has become big buisness and of course its quite trendy too to be into history.  OFF WITH THE ANORAKS AND ON WITH THE HOODIES!! Well perhaps not....... 

I think its great that so many are now taking a great 

interest in history and want a more hands on history experience. Remember the first coin you had up? I bet you can still remember what it was and where it was found! Remember that excitment from finding that coin, thats what we want to give to this club. Every time somebody brings a find to club night, everyone gets to see it, feel it and learn about the background to it.

Some of our members record up to 20+ items per month with certain museums. Some of our new members will still be waiting for their first hammered or maybe Roman or Georgian coins, this is why we've started this club for the novice and the expert to mix together to get the most from this great hobby. When a new member comes through the door for the first time with a piece of scrap iron that he/she thinks is the bees knees of a find, course it is to them as she or he found it and to them its special.

Imagine the seasoned treasure hunter at the club with his newly found 500 year old pilgrims badge (he’s got the same buzz) but the 2 finds are a million miles apart.

That’s what this club is all about. Everyone, young, old, male, female, novice, expert will be treated the same as a find to each of them gives them the same high whether it be scrap iron or a pilgrims badge.

We hope everyone will grow together in the club and learn from each other. Remember it’s a great hobby whether you do it 7 days a week or once a month. The more you put in the more you get out!!!


If you require any further information please contact us here