BLACKWALL 04/01/14

Mudgod and Rock brave the water with new comrades Soren and Thor for an epic day at Blackwall. A 7am start in the dark and pouring rain, waiting for the arrival of the Norwegian duo on their boat and after picking us up at Greenwich and IODs we were on our way. Finds were slow at first but we were soon picking up some nice bits. Unfortunately due to the cold and rain we didn't manage to do any finds shots but we did amass a nice collection of medieval pottery, clay pipes, bits of belarmine, lead tokens, some nice decorated buttons and half a stone cannonball. Have a look at this Mangonel which was a medieval seige engine, basically a catapult for firing stone shot at castle walls. At least the date fits in with the pottery we found so it could be a contender. Decent coinage was unfortunately sparse but I did manage a cracking jetton.

After a good few hours of searching and getting soaked we were suddenly overcome with the smell of sausages being cooked. Infact Mudgod mentioned this to Thor who just says 'yeah that'll be my Dad'. As we squint through the downpour we can just make out Soren who has produced a table, stove, coffee and is frying up some sausages. Surreal to say the least and definitely a first for T+F. Perhaps we should make this a regular feature? Fry up's on the foreshore. We might have to change our logo though.

A really great day and many thanks to Soren and Thor for taking us out on such a memorable trip.