As we all know bricks are everywhere on the Thames foreshore. We probably walk over thousands of them every time we go out Mudlarking and they are normally just completely ignored. However, they have recently began to catch my attention ever since I found this first brick below. The bizarrely named Durex brick. This started me off on my quest to 'dig' a little deeper into the history of these artefacts and they ARE artefacts in their own right as each one has it's own unique history and interesting story to tell. More of us have got the bug too so we're hoping that this page will encourage some of YOU to join us in our quest to document as many different types of bricks that can be found Mudlarking on the River Thames. Research is relatively easy. Just punch in the name on your brick into Google and see what comes up. The results can be fascinating. 

Believe it or not there already quite a few great sites dedicated to brick identification and a lot of the information on this page is from some of those. Have a look at this incredible collection - Old Bricks 'History at your feet'

Many thanks also go to Arthur Brickman for his help in identifying many of the Tyneside bricks. His fascinating Flickr feed can be viewed here

If you would like to help add to our Thames Bricks page please provide a good quality photo of your brick and any information you can find and I will post it here. Remember it is important that your brick was found on The River Thames.

Happy brick hunting!! 

To see our collection of Thames bricks. Click on the links below.


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